If you have some questions about being a mental health first aider, or if you are thinking about undergoing training so you can provide support to those who require it, then this FAQ will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is A Mental Health First Aider?

Mental Health First Aid is a movement that began in Australia, but it has quickly spread and is now present in over 24 countries, including the UK. MHFA, or mental health first aid, is a very productive way for employers to make sure that they are truly investing in the mental and emotional health of their team. It is a very simple yet huge step to take, as it encourages all members of an organisation to lessen some of the stigmas that surround mental health. It also encourages people to talk about mental health matters and struggles openly in the workplace.

What Responsibilities Does A Mental Health First Aider Have?

The purpose of someone who is trained in mental health first aid is so they can be a point of contact for anyone who may be experiencing emotional distress or even those who believe that they may be suffering from any kind of mental health issue. This could include everything from stress to anxiety and even depression.

As a mental health first aider, you will be trained to listen, and you will also be trained to spot the very first signs of mental illness.

They are also taught to confidentially show someone where they can access the right support, and they are also equipped to deal with thoughts such as suicide, attempted suicide, or even psychosis. Those who work as mental health first aiders are not qualified psychiatrists, counsellors, or therapists. They cannot advise on matters, but they can offer support.

Why Is Mental Health First Aid Training Important?

Mental health first aid training is imperative. It gives people the chance to spot any early warning signs someone who may be struggling, and they can also stop a condition from getting worse by providing support at the right time. This can be done by encouraging people to seek the right kind of help while also providing hands-on first aid to stop a crisis from occurring.

This could be suicide, or it could be self-harm. Mental health first aiders are also trained to support someone who may be experiencing mental health issues so that they can recover properly.

By implementing this kind of training, you can reduce the amount of absences that employees have while also helping people to feel more present in their roles.

How Many Mental Health First Aiders Should A Business Have?

If you are interested in a mental health first aid course, then you may be wondering how many trained professionals you need working with you. It is highly recommended that employers try and match the number of physical first aiders that they have with mental first aiders.

Why Do Businesses Need Mental Health First Aider?


Mental health first aiders really do give employees the chance to turn to someone whenever they are struggling with their mental health.

Companies have to make sure that they are protecting the mental health of their team, and reducing the stigma regarding mental health and having dedicated people who can help will ease a lot of suffering. It will also help employees to feel much more at ease regarding the topic of mental health, by giving them someone they can talk to if required.

Who Is Allowed To Run A Mental Health First Aider Course?

You can only run a mental health first aider course if you are qualified to do so. When you come to us, you will be glad to know that we have all of the right qualifications and the right certification.

We are always striving to provide the best possible service to everyone we work with, so you can feel assured knowing that our courses are always done in line with the latest requirements.

How Long Does A Mental Health First Aider Certificate Last?

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It is recommended that if you have undergone a mental health first aider course, that you go for a refresher course every 3 years. The main reason why you need to undergo a refresher course is that there is always new knowledge being gained regarding mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety and stress.

For this reason, it is imperative that staff who are trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of conditions like this get their knowledge updated over time. This will help the staff to stay up to date, and it will also help them to give employees the support that they need when they need it.

Who Can Attend A Mental Health First Aider Course?

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Anyone can attend a course, and it is very good for those who are interested in doing so, to get registered. When you undertake a mental health course, you will be given a certificate, and this will basically confirm that you are qualified mental health first aider. It will also give you an action plan so you can carry it around with you should you ever need to give some support to someone.
If you are interested in undertaking a mental health first aider course, or if you want to make sure that everyone in your team is being supported by someone that is trained and professional, then the only thing that you have to do is get in touch with us today. When you get in touch, we can then advise you on the courses we have available, the dates that you can choose to send your team on, and more. We have a range of workshops available too. At the end of the day, it is more than possible for your business to save money when you have trained mental first aiders working with you because staff take fewer sick days, they are more present at work, and they feel happier and much more productive.

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