Sickness Absence Management

K2A provide a flexible approach for delivering a sickness absence management policy that is tailored to your business whilst reducing sickness absence rates and associated absence costs to your business.

The CBI survey, Fit for Purpose – Absence and workplace health survey 2013, findings show the average absence level per employee of 5.3 days in 2012 generated a cost of more than £14bn across the UK economy. Each employee cost their employer an average of £975 in 2012 through a combination of direct costs in sick pay, lost output and provision of cover through temporary staff or overtime – the direct costs alone amount to more than £14bn a year.

Employees are going to be sick from time to time and further investigation is required for:

  • Repeated short-term sickness absences
  • Long term sickness absence lasting several weeks or more
  • Return to work after a long period of sickness absence
  • Underperforming at work due to a suspected underlying health condition

At K2A, we recommend an affective sickness absence policy is adopted by working together to develop an effective sickness absence management policy. We can provide management training on sickness absence and return to work interviewing. We will also undertake sickness absence consultations and give advice on absence cases and employee fitness to work.

K2A uses a variety of methods to provide an objective assessment to you which include:

  • Telephone consultation with the Occupational Health Nurse (OHA) and report to management regarding when the individual is likely to become fit for work if at all, their functional capability, if the condition they have is acute or chronic, the impact of the condition on the person’s ability to undertake tasks of daily living, and make recommendations if needed on potential reasonable adjustments for consideration by yourselves.
  • Alternatively we can write to the individuals GP or Consultant with their written consent and then formulate a report to management as per above detail.
  • A face-to-face assessment with an Occupational Health Nurse or Physician, depending on the complexity of the case.

K2A will also act as a case manager to aide you as the employer in early rehabilitation of employees back to work following instances of ill health

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