Health Surveillance

At K2 Associates, we are known for personalised approach to delivering tailored Health Surveillance programs designed specifically for your company and employees. We work with you and design programs to ensure that the screening has a minimal disruption to your workforce and make sure that our services are effective and efficient.

Health surveillance is a system of ongoing health checks, whereby the outcomes are fed back into the risk management loops to review existing control measures. These health checks may be required by law for employees who are exposed to noise or vibration, ionising radiation, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous to health, or work in compressed air.

K2A Services Offered:

  • Audiometry Hearing Tests
  • Lung Function Tests
  • HAVS Assessments
  • Urinalysis
  • Skin Inspections
  • Risk and Work Place Assessments
  • Statutory Medicals

Benefits to You:

  • On-site Health Screening Programmes
  • Productive and Healthier workforce
  • Less sick days
  • Minimal loss of working time
  • Compliance with current legislation
  • Statistical reporting to employers
  • Feedback to individual employees
  • Individual Health Records to employers
  • Reduced risk and cost of litigation
  • Reduction of insurance premiums
  • Improved profitability

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