If you want to get your safety-critical medical questions answered, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to find out everything you need to know about getting your safety-critical medical done so you can make the best possible choices going forward for your organisation.

What is a Safety-Critical Medical?

Safety-critical medical tests are carried out by employers to ensure that workers are fit for their duties and prevent them from injuring themselves or others. This is documented under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act. These kinds of tests are usually carried out to support those who work in construction or those who work at great heights. Safety-critical workers, or SCW workers, should not be suffering from a medical condition, nor should they be undergoing treatment which could lead to them losing their consciousness, concentration, coordination, or balance. They should also not have anything which could influence their awareness of a given situation.

What happens in a Safety-Critical Medical?

Safety-critical medical or SCM tests give employers the chance to find out if their employees are up to the task. This can be carried out on-site, and it can be part of the company’s health and safety procedures. The medical is usually started with a simple questionnaire. This is used to ascertain the background of the worker, followed by some non-invasive tests. This could include hearing, vision, and lung function tests. Colour vision, BMI, and blood pressure checks are also done. During this time, a urine sample is usually collected. This can be used to test for any underlying health conditions that could be present.
After the tests are done, a determination for fitness test can then be carried out. This is usually done by a qualified professional. If an employee has a safety-critical position and they cannot prove their fitness, then it is possible for measures to be taken. This could involve either moving the person to an activity that is not as dangerous or sending them to their local GP so that they can get a further assessment done. The progress can then be monitored until they are able to return to their original position.
For employers, it is imperative that workers who operate in dangerous or hazardous situations are fit enough to do so. If an employer does not spot an employee who has a health condition, then this can easily lead to accidents on-site. Other people can also be put at risk.

Who Needs A Safety-Critical Medical?

In construction, there are many people who may need to undergo a safety-critical medical. This could include those, those who work as HGV drivers, maritime operatives, steel erectors, scaffolders, plant operators, tunnel boring professionals, high-speed roadside workers, and anyone who works at a height.

How Long Does A Safety-Critical Medical Last?

So how long does a safety-critical medical last? The whole test can take up to 45 minutes, but if you add on extra tests, such as drug and alcohol detection, then this can take up to 1 hour. It really depends on what tests you are required to have for your job and the amount of time that it takes for the professional to conduct the tests. Usually, you will have to get a safety-critical medical test done either annually or every 2-3 years..

Does SCM Test Involve a Drugs Test?

It is inevitable that alcohol abusers and even drug abusers will surface from time to time in the workplace. This can have a huge impact on work performance, especially when the employee is required to undertake a critical role regarding the safety of others. If you do choose to incorporate drug and alcohol testing in your safety-critical medical, then you will be able to test individuals for drugs and alcohol. If these substances are detected, then support and counselling can be offered, with eventual rehabilitation.

Where Can I Get A Safety-Critical Medical?

If you want to get a safety-critical medical done, then you can do so by clicking on this link. Here at K2A, we have years of experience when it comes to conducting tests like this, not to mention that we will always come at a time that suits you when getting the tests done. We pride ourselves on making sure that we always go the extra mile for the people who we work with, by connecting employees with the right support networks, should they need it.

Should My Provider Be Accredited?

If you are getting a safety-critical medical test booked, then you should know that most contractors will require this to be carried out by someone who is SEQOHS certified. Someone who is approved by a SEQOHS Accredited Occupational Health Company will give you peace of mind knowing the certificate provided will be accepted by all major companies and projects. SEQOHS is a set of standards, and it helps to raise the standard of care that is provided. It is their aim to make sure that standards are raised when they need to be, and it is the best way for you to ensure you are meeting all of the right rules when it comes to your company and the way you look out for your employees.

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